Some of my favourites

Some of my favourite things at the moment are my Ssangyong Actyon ute, my Olympus Tough U camera and my Blackberry Bold 9000.

The three of them give me freedom, the ability to record and remember things and the ability to communicate even when I am away from my desk or office -reducing my stress and not tying me down.

The Ssangyong has been great.  OK it is not the most powerful UTE on the market, nor is it the most capable off-road.  But inside it is pretty comfortable and it is really easy to drive and just a lot of fun.  It get’s me there and back and did not cost a whole heap of money.

Already I have taken it to Exmouth in the North and Albany in the South and Bunbury in the West… thousands of kilometers of open road, dirt tracks and gravel trails.  She has never complained and has performed beautifully, eating up the miles and is just a lot of fun!

It is so easy to chuck the camping gear in the back throw a tarp over it and head on out….. at the same time, during the week she is a comfortable easy to drive business vehicle with impeccable road manners.

The Blackberry is also a freedom machine.  Now I can send and receive email and SMS’s and telephone calls pretty much anywhere.  Down by the river, the lake, on the road…. it makes life so easy.  Although not quite the fully featured communication center I would ideally like the Bold comes pretty close with a very high ‘ease of use rating’ and excellent functionality.

Finally the Olympus Tough U guy……

What can I say?  This is my second one…. the first proved not so tough but Olympus did replace it and this little fellah has been fine.  I can stuff him on any pocket… even a back one…. sit on it…. take him to the river or sea and not worry about him getting wet…. take him to a party and not care if the kids spill coke or ice cream over him….anyway he is washable…….I take him everywhere and take happy snaps…. Ok maybe not the best photographs….but I am not the best photographer…. :-)

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