Best Travel Investment – noise cancelling headphones

Whether you are a frequent flyer or not, you will undoubtedly have seen people using their own headphones on international flights.  I had read al lot about noise cancelling headphones and had wanted to try some for a long time but the price had deterred me – - anything up to and over $600.00 for some models.  So it was with some degree of scepticism that I picked up a pair of Philips noise cancelling headphones from a clearance bin in Perth.  Surely not?  $40.00! 

I am a great believer in the old adage that ‘if is too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true’.  But what the heck?!  I had a quick trip to the USA coming up and I would probably be back before Harvey Normans 30 day money back warranty was.

Well I am telling you!  You could not drag these things away from me now!  The increased comfort when flying due to (greatly) reduced noise; the comfortable padded earphones; the joy of being able to listen to things at a fraction of the volume.  Wow!  What a product!

I don’t know what peace and increased comfort are worth to you but given the number of long flights I take I am more than happy with my investment and they have become an essential part of my travel kit.

The Philips ones I have SBC HN110 are obviously budget versions and only claim to cancel about 85%  of the noise.  But as far as I am concerned they have dramatically improved my quality of life when travelling.

One day I will splash out and buy one of the ‘top of the range’ version like the Bose Quiet Comfort or similar that claim as closer to 100% noise reduction and much greater fidelity.  But in the meantime I am happy with my Philips SBC HN110 and for the price would heartily recommend them.

A great product at a great price!

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