My First Find

Friday the skip arrived while I was out working. So yesterday started with me digging up the old lawn and loading it into the skip. I had arranged for someone to come and help me …. Do it? …. But they cancelled at the last minute. Such is life.

So I loaded the wheelbarrow with sod and sand and tipped it into the skip for about two or three hours. I got a surprising amount done and probably moved about 2 or 3 cubic meters or so. In the afternoon I was limping around though……very stiff indeed. Felt like an 80 year old.

Then today I started the day by pretty much finishing the job putting another 1 or 2 cubes in the skip – so it is pretty much full now, then I showered, looked for a Geocache near me on the computer, loaded up the ute and off I went.

My target was called 1872 Ginga. The instructions explain that there is an 8K round trip hike from a point about 25K from my house. (My GPS shows I did 9.71K and a moving average of 5.4Kmh – perhaps because I took a diversion off the trail for a short while).

It is a pleasant drive out towards Jarrahdale and I was there in no time as there was little traffic.

After parking up I quickly figured out which way to go and followed the well marked and maintained trail. The trail leads through Jarrah forest alongside a disused railway track before cutting off up and over some pretty steep hills. They may only have been about 500M high but there were a few of them and they were quite steep so it made for a good workout.

I guess it was about 1K into the hike when I realised that I had left my ‘phone in the car! Duh! Earlier I had realised that I had left my camera at home too!! Double DuH!

So anyway, no pictures of the lovely walk the rolling hills and steep trails or the bubbling brook besieged by bees drinking from the water. No pictures of the dead kangaroo (maybe just as well); nothing of the live ones either; no pictures of the hives in the middle of the forest…… be it.

The cache was in the fork of a hollow tree and I signed the log, took a Geocoin and left a dinosaur and a beetle ball. It was good fun and got me out there to a new place I have never been. It kind of gave meaning and history to the hike. My first find.

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