Well  I could not go far today…Originally we were planning a garage sale but we pretty much sold out on the Saturday. Nevertheless I had to spend some time in the garden on Sunday and then by the time I had things organized it was past noon.  But I did manage to get out to a few caches.  First on my list was ‘What’s in a Name’ … not far off the road past some unpleasant parcels left behind by unpleasant people.  At least they could hike off and cover up after making a poop!

Next was U.X.B. which was really interesting.  A novel and unique idea.

Then it was off to ‘Off The Beaten Track’(a nice easy find)  and finally to ‘Hideout in the Hills’ which was a lovely spot near the Canning Dam but a multicache and … well the coordinates to the second spot just did not work for me.

Anyway, a great day and good fun.

 Now Find Me.

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