Well  I could not go far today…Originally we were planning a garage sale but we pretty much sold out on the Saturday. Nevertheless I had to spend some time in the garden on Sunday and then by the time I had things organized it was past noon.  But I did manage to get out to a few caches.  First on my list was ‘What’s in a Name’ … not far off the road past some unpleasant parcels left behind by unpleasant people.  At least they could hike off and cover up after making a poop!

Next was U.X.B. which was really interesting.  A novel and unique idea.

Then it was off to ‘Off The Beaten Track’(a nice easy find)  and finally to ‘Hideout in the Hills’ which was a lovely spot near the Canning Dam but a multicache and … well the coordinates to the second spot just did not work for me.

Anyway, a great day and good fun.

 Now Find Me.

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John Forrest National Park

23rd May 2010

Today (23rd May 2010) Michael and I did a nice little hike in the John Forrest National Park.
The park is only about 20 mins from my house and is absolutely huge.

We arrived at the gates of the scenic drive just as the ranger was opening the gates so we were also able to enjoy the scenic route on the way there.

The hike is rated easy on GPS Walks but it still contains some challenging sections and is estimated as a five hour walk. We did it is just over three.

Of course there are no big mountains here but it was still a good hike and I was vey glad that we did it the wrong way around becuase we had the nice easy stretch at the end not at the beginning!

Anyway it was a great hike and here is the video to prove it. Enjoy!

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Don’t host with Hostgator!

Why I left HostGator and moved to a new web host.

And why you should too!

Hostgator management blinded by their own success and the large amounts of money they earn recently engaged in a disgusting display of abuse of power and money by paying people to have their brand and logo tatooed on their body.

Crowing about this disgusting and unethical practice on the web and in newsletters Hostgator executives boasted about how cheap the advertising was in terms of exposure.

Well since money seems to be the only thing these people care about not morality or how their behaviour might effect others lets show them we care!

Find another webhost and take our money away from them.

Please do like me and vote with your $$$ I am sure we can find a company that has some basic morality and doe not resort to branding human flesh.

To the Managing Director, The Sales Director and all involved,

After seeing the disgusting and debasing way you have treated another human being by using your power and money to have them tattooed with an advertisement for your company I will have to sadly look around for another more ethical organization to work with.

I would never have imagined that the money I paid you would be used in this way and I am ashamed to have been an unknowing part of it.

For years I have hosted websites with your company and enjoyed the excellent service and support you provided.

I am truly amazed that you would sink this low. I would never have imagined it.

What cheap stunt will you attempt next as you take advantage of people who can be manipulated for your personal gain? Where are your moral boundaries? How low will you go? I dread to think.

Thank you for alerting me to your debased and disgusting corporate behavior. Now I know I have to go.

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