Bibbulman Track. Part 1. Kalamunda to Mundaring.

Just a great walk today.  A beautiful day  - not too hot and certainly none too cold.

Michael and I drove first to Mundaring and dropped one vehicle off there.  We then drove my ute back to Kalamunda and set off on our hike to Mundaring where we had lunch before driving the car back to Kalamunda so that we could both head off home.

So now for the stats:  We did about 17.5K today…. from Kalamunda Hotel to Mundaring Weir Hotel (first part of Bibbulman Track); moving average 5.1Km per hour; 17.43K total; total time 3:43mins; started about 9:30 and finished at the weir pub at about 1:15.  Perfect!  And … we hit 15.3Kph on a downhill stretch rock hopping…. and that is moving!

The Bibbulman Track is about 1,000Km long and starts in Kalamunda in the Perth hills and finishes in Albany on the coast of Western Australia.
You can see a visualization of the track here.

Today was a really pleasant walk and the weather was perfect.

There are a few steep hilly sections during the first 5K or so but nothing too challenging really.

And at the end of the hike… well what could be better than a cold pint of beer!?
…….And at the Mundaring Weir Hotel there is always something interesting going on….. music… people driving old cars… rallies….and good food.

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